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How It Works

Credit Optimization is designed to get you Approved for Personal Unsecured Loans and Credit Cards. Omega Star Funding is an investment fund company, which offers a full service program in the sense that we fix and optimize your credit status and complete and manage all loan and credit card Applications for you. We have designed a transparent step by step process.


To begin the process, fill out the prequalification form or call us at 817-381-8283. A consultation will be arranged, and we suggest that you be descriptive regarding your credit status, situation and goals so we can more accurately assess your potential to ‘fund’ with Omega Star Funding.


When we have a clear understanding of your circumstances, you will fill out an assessment form that allows us to further research how we can assist you with credit repair and funding. Even though there are a lot of credit score websites, it is advised that you take help from us to get your credit score checked. You will receive an email and/or phone call to go over the details of the process and how it works and what you can expect.

Document Transfer & Agreement

You will then need to send the necessary documents along with a consent letter authorizing us to take up the case.

Credit Optimization through proprietary techniques and systems

When we as your business loan providers get all the necessary documents and the agreement is signed, we start the credit optimization process. This can be weeks to a few months depending on your credit status. We use multiple channels to improve your credit ratings and we keep the client posted on the progress. It takes hard work and perseverance to make sure that we present a strong case and the authorities take up the matter as fast as they can. We strictly advice our clients not to do anything with their accounts in this period, no loan applications, credit check applications or any other financial task. We use 100% legal corrective measures, unlike fast cash loans available online, to achieve a better credit score for you.


After restoring your credit using our proprietary techniques and systems, you will go through the business credit funding process. As described in the assessment phase, you will have access to unsecured loans and credit card funding to maximize results. You will be provided information about the process and have access to specialists throughout the program. We do except our clients to be accountable for understanding how to achieve success and follow the instructions provided.


You will receive an invoice after the funding process is complete. The invoice will be for 22% of the total of cash loans, cash lines of credit and credit cards. Due to all the upfront time and work on your behalf, we expect the invoice to be paid upon receipt. This arrangement is rare and takes trust and confidence that we do our job well!

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As one of the most responsible small business loan providers, we rely on your recommendations and referrals to build our business. We appreciate your support and offer a referral fee for those that refer people that completes the Omega Star Funding process.

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