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Who Are We

Highly innovative and extremely intelligent, Omega Star Funding is a business capital raising company that delivers customized financial solutions to hyper-growth to businesses. At Omega Star Funding, we originate, underwrite, and secure resourceful, working capital for businesses that require immediate liquidity, mainly when conventional capital resources are elusive.     

All our lending partners have no customer acquisition and little underwriting expenses associated with Omega Star Funding deals, and these savings are then passed on to our clients. It is a very competitive process, and once we navigate the market, the result is the best possible cost of capital along with the most intelligent structure required to meet the requirements of all our clients.   

At Omega Star Funding, we have a proven track record of success in a considerable section of industries as well as debt structures. We offer recapitalization and restructuring choices that are cost-effective, creative, workable, and smart. These solutions are often outside the realm of what most traditional capital sources have to offer.    

What Can We Do For You

At Omega Star Funding, we understand that every customer’s business and credit needs are unique and that at the business environment changes, business capital funding requirements too might change. Through an exclusive collaborative approach, our team puts its experience and insights to work in order to structure and secure the best capital solutions quickly. Whether you require a new credit facility or a lower priced debt to reduce the existing borrowing expenses, our ultimate job is to fund your distinctive business objectives.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Omega Star Funding teams differentiate with the excellent combination of our credit skills and high-level relationships with challenging to locate capital sources. We differ from the traditional financial and restructuring businesses with our ability to bank on our highly skilled credit team, unmatched reputation and a huge network of connections to offer customized business credit funding to resolve the current cash flow and liquidity needs to enable a business to affect their business turnaround plan or to help continue to fund their rapidly growing sales.

At Omega Star Funding we tailor each new debt structure to make the most of upfront cash flow generation capacity and to understand the restructuring of debt in conjunction with new capital might be needed to achieve correct levels of both liquidity and funding. We can also include a debt restructuring and capital infusion to deliver an all-inclusive financial solution that is quickly going to address the requirements of every single one of our clients. 


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