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Personal funding programs are accessed through the OMEGA Star Funding credit optimization process. As one of the best credit repair companies, we take a personal approach to guiding our clients through a process that results in $50,000 to $250,000 in loans and credit lines which can be used for whatever you choose. Whatever your credit score is, we use an expert team of banking and credit law experts that have over 15 years’ experience in credit repair and funding to optimize your credit. We work with our own proprietary software and systems that give our customers a high level of certainty regarding the effectiveness of our process.

As your fund providers, we begin with restoring your credit using several different methods, systems and techniques, you will go through the funding process and have access to unsecured loans and unsecured credit cards funding to maximize the results. This is a unique approach that provides more flexibility and funding potential for our clients. Use the capital for your New Start-Up or Existing Business, Real Estate Fix and Flips, New Construction Rentals, Crypto Currency, or other High Yield Investment opportunities. Use Omega Star Funding’s business capital funding or real estate capital to unlock your dreams!

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How it Works

To help our clients understand the process better, we have designed transparent step by step directions
Get Qualified

Get Qualified

Submit prequalification form, arrange a free consult, and send in required documents.

98% Success Rate

98% Success Rate

Within 72 hours after all required docs are sent in, you will receive directions on next steps for the funding process.

Funding Amounts

Funding Amounts

The average funding amount for Clients is $125,000 in cash loans and credit lines. Usually the funding program will not accept credit files that cannot obtain $100,000 or more. Several Clients have obtained $250,000.

No Upfront Fees

No Upfront Fees

After your credit is repaired and funding is complete, you pay 22% of total funding results

Omega Star Funding

Helping People Funds their Dreams!

Offering to You Personalized Strategies

At Omega Star Funding as expert credit score providers, we know that every individual client has a unique situation. This is exactly why we design a customized fast credit repair strategy which ensures that clients reach the goal they have set for themselves in the shortest time possible!

We Are Different

Our ultimate goal as one of the best credit repair companies is to help clients get their monetary life back on the right track. We do so by continuously educating them about all the numerous different things they need to do in order to build their credit, raise the credit score, and how to settle debts. 

Are You Looking For the Best Credit Repair Services?

We Have You Covered!

At Omega Star Funding, our main objective is to help our clients effectively get their financial life back on track. We are one of the best credit repair companies, and our expert credit repair professionals offer assistance to clients and help them rebuild and repair their credit to increase their credit score.

Good Credit Can Impact Numerous Aspects of Your Life

From the type of car you drive to the neighborhood you live in, from where you work and how much your bills are, credit affects every single thing! Get started with Omega Star Funding today!

What Credit Score Are You Looking For?

A 600, where you can just hope to get an approval for all the different things you require? A 700, where even if you get approved you will not be able to get a good rate? Or, an 800 where simply whatever you desire is right at your fingertips!

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